Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Slide AL MPX-16 Aldehydesilane coating 5 slides/pack


The special 16-well architecture of NEXTERION® Slide MPX allows the parallel analysis of multiple biological samples against focused subsets of probes on a single slide. The dimensions of the microarray slide are fully compatible with all microarray printers and scanners, allowing users to run multiple samples on a single slide without any additional hardware.

High quality glass substrate
The ultra flat, glass slide is manufactured from low auto-fluorescent borosilicate glass with the dimensions 75.6 mm x 25.0 mm x 1 mm. The uniform flatness of the borosilicate glass ensures highly reproducible contact printing and scanning across the wells. The glass slides are partitioned into 16 wells by an ultra-hydrophobic patterning layer. The dimensions and locations of the wells are fully compatible with standard microarray printing parameters.

Dimensions NEXTERION Slide MPX-16

Dimensions of NEXTERION® Slide MPX-16. All dimensions are given in mm.



16-well silicone superstructure and sealing strip
The optional superstructure is self-adhesive, and adheres to the 16-well patterning of the glass slide, increasing the well volume to between 30 and 130 µL. Placing the adhesive on the superstructure rather than on the glass slide, avoids the risk of adhesive contamination in the wells. The clear selfadhesive sealing strip seals all the individual wells during hybridization preventing evaporation and cross contamination. If necessary, the superstructure and sealing strip may be removed prior to scanning.
!! Attention: Please store superstructures flat, and do not bend as performance may be impaired !!

MPX-4 four slide microplate adaptor
An SBS microtiter plate sized adaptor, holding up to four MPX, slides is offered separately. This adaptor allows the use of 8-channel pipettors or microplate washers, for automated high-throughput processing of NEXTERION® Slide MPX.

NEXTERION IC-16, Incubation chamber

This is a reusable 16-well incubation chamber consisting of a flexible, black silicon superstructure held within a high quality, black anodized aluminium holder. The silicone superstructure is tightly held against the glass slide surface by two aluminium plates to create a leak-proof seal around each well. The press-fit silicone superstructure eliminates the need for adhesives that are autofluorescent, and can increase background signal of the slide coating. The superstructure forms sixteen, 7 by 7 mm wells with 9 mm center-to-center spacing, in a 2 x 8 format (identified as 1-2 and A–H). It is ideal for use with multi-channel pipettes or automated liquid handling systems. The chamber is designed to be re-usable, replaceable components are available to maximise the usable life.

Note: The 16-well superstructure is asymmetric, so for the correct orientation, ensure that the wider well wall side of the superstructure is fitted into the upper plate, and the thinner portion is against the glass slide surface.

Packaging and storage
NEXTERION® MPX slides are available as 5-slide packs sealed in stable plastic boxes under an inert atmosphere. The slides are ready-to-use from the box. The exact shelf life of the slides is determined by the coating and is indicated on the external packaging. The 16-well superstructures are not included with the slides and must be ordered separately.


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