Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Plate Glass B, cleanroom cleaned unpatterned, uncoated, 5 plates/pack


The microtiter plate format is a standard research tool for clinical diagnostics and drug discovery. The advantages associated with this format are obvious and include, high sample throughput, cost savings and compatibility with automated handling systems. In recent years, there have been efforts to make the microplate format available for microarraying with the emergence of highresolution plate scanners and compatible arrayers. However, there are clearly a number of limitations with the conventional 96-well polymeric and glass bottom microtiter plates currently being utilized in microarraying, including:

  • Microarray print heads cannot access the entire well area because the wells are recessed. This limits the number of features per well and arrayer compatibility.
  • The depth of the wells, and the subsequent additional z-axis travel, makes printing time consuming.
  • The intra-well print area may be restricted due to the contamination of the well edges with bonding adhesive. In addition, adhesive out gassing can affect functional coating performance.
  • The round wells have a smaller printable area than the square MPX-96 wells.
  • Difficulty associated with applying functional coatings to plastic plates.
  • Conventional plastic microplates suffer from poor optical transparency and flatness.
NEXTERION® multi-well plates are available with several NEXTERION® functional coatings (see table immobilization chemistryin the general multi-well section).
This coating is identical to the respective coating on NEXTERION® Slides. Please refer to the table in the section “General information coated slides” in order to find the appropriate coating chemistry for your specific application.
The three main components comprising the NEXTERION® MPX-96 system are available as a complete kit for evaluation, or as separate items:


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