Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Nexterion Slide H – 3D Hydrogel Coated

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    Slide dimensions:75.6 x 25.0 x 1.0 mm

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SCHOTT launched NEXTERION® Slide H as a dedicated slide surface for printing protein microarrays, as it is ideally suited for the covalent immobilization of peptides and proteins such as antibodies, antibody fragments, enzymes, or receptors. For many protein microarray applications NEXTERION® Slide H has proven to be a very attractive alternative to the commonly used nitrocellulose coated slide, especially where low background, or slide transparency are important considerations. Since its introduction, the slide coating has also been successfully used with amino-modified oligonucleotides, and has become the slide of choice for printing amino-linked glycan microarrays. Carbohydrate arrays are a rapidly growing area of microarray research and NEXTERION® Slide H is an excellent choice for use in the rapid screening of carbohydrateprotein interactions. The permeable, polymer coating has a large immobilization capacity, and helps to preserve the native three-dimensional structure of complex bio-molecules, thus maintaining conformation and functionality. NEXTERION® Slide H produces excellent signal-to-background ratios and an exceptionally wide dynamic range compared to conventional “two-dimensional” coatings through a unique combination of low non-specific binding characteristics, and high probe loading capacity. Even very low intensity signals, such as those obtained from low-abundance analytes, or weakly expressed genes can be reliably detected and quantified on NEXTERION® Slide H. The robust coating matrix is fully compatible with commercial microarray printers and scanners. Simple and robust protocols are available making NEXTERION® Slide H easy-to-use.

Highly reproducible coating
NEXTERION® Slide H is fabricated using a proprietary thin-film deposition process optimized by SCHOTT to produce a uniform and reproducible polymer coating on one side of a high quality borosilicate glass slide. All slides are individually examined for physical defects and the presence of particles before and after coating. The surface is applied in a tightly controlled, class 100 clean room facility, resulting in coated slides with highly uniform surface properties and low auto-fluorescence.

Excellent spot morphology and signal-to-background ratios
NEXTERION® Slide H provides excellent spot morphologies and reproducible spot sizes over a wide range of probe concentrations for protein, oligonucleotide and other bio-molecule microarray applications.

Spot morphology NEXTERION hydrogel coated microarray slides

Figure shows scanned images of NEXTERION® Slide H when evaluated against the market leading threedimensional competitor slide in an anti-IgG/IgG interaction study using a range of probe concentrations.

Signal-to-Background ration NEXTERION Slide H
Signal-to-background-ratio of NEXTERION hydrogel coated slides
Leading 3D slide
Epoxysilane slide

Figure illustrates the superior signal-to-background ratios on NEXTERION® Slide H when compared to the market leading three-dimensional slide, and a conventional two-dimensional coating. This was demonstrated in two-color hybridization experiments following the recommended protocols, using amino-modified oligonucleotide probes.

Packaging and storage
NEXTERION® Slide H are packaged in chemically stable plastic boxes and sealed under an inert atmosphere. The slides are ready-to-use from the box, and are stable for 12 months in the sealed packaging when stored at – 20 ºC.

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