Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Nexterion Slide E – Epoxysilane Coated

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    Cleanroom cleaned and packaged

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    Slide dimensions:75.6 x 25.0 x 1.0 mm

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NEXTERION® Slide E is the market leading epoxy coated slide from SCHOTT. The slides are manufactured from high quality borosilicate glass that has an ultra flat surface and low inherent fluorescence. The glass is coated with a multi-purpose epoxysilane layer that will covalently bind most types of bio-molecules including amino- and non-modified DNA, RNA, and proteins. The defect-free surface features a uniform epoxysilane layer that provides a high covalent coupling efficiency together with a very low background. The slides are easy to use, and are fully compatible with all commercially available arraying and scanning instruments.


Highly reproducible coating
NEXTERION® Slide E is produced using an innovative proprietary process developed by SCHOTT to produce a uniform and reproducible epoxysilane coating on both sides of a high quality borosilicate glass slide. All slides are individually examined for physical defects and the presence of particles before and after coating. The epoxysilane surface is applied in tightly controlled, class 100 clean room facility, resulting in coated slides with highly uniform surface properties and low auto-fluorescence.

Fully optimized surface
NEXTERION® Slide E provides excellent spot morphologies and reproducible spot sizes with a variety of commonly used spotting buffers. The surface chemistry is robust and stable, and remains active even during very long print runs. The density of the epoxy groups in the coating is constant over the entire surface of the slides, and has been optimized to provide uniform spot size and shape and the optimal binding capacity. Another important parameter, surface hydrophobicity, is also tightly controlled to optimize the performance of the slides with both contact and non-contact printers.

Packaging and storage
NEXTERION® Slide E are packaged in chemically stable plastic boxes and sealed under an inert atmosphere. The slides are ready-to-use from the box, and are stable for 12 months in the sealed packaging when stored at room temperature.

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