Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Nexterion Slide AL- Aldehydesilane Coated

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NEXTERION® Slide AL offers a good alternative to NEXTERION® Slide E (Epoxysilane slides) when an efficient covalent, and directed binding of amino-modified bio-molecules is required. NEXTERION® Slide AL is coated with an “active” slide chemistry coating that chemically binds bio-molecules to provide a high binding capacity, and minimize non-specific binding. The uniform surface features aldehyde groups that readily react with primary amines. Both 5’ or 3’ amine modified PCR products, and oligonucleotides work well with this surface chemistry. The covalent bond formed at the terminus of the nucleic acid offers both stability, and maximal base pairing opportunity. The covalent binding diminishes sample loss during the course of experiments, and permits more harsh wash steps, which reduce background, and allow for greater sensitivity. Additional immobilization steps, such as baking or UV cross-linking, are not required for immobilization. Furthermore, peptides, proteins (such as antibodies), cells, and tissues can be immobilized on NEXTERION® Slide AL via random binding to amine sites on the probes. The slides are easy to use, and are compatible with all commercially available arraying and scanning instruments.

Highly reproducible coating

NEXTERION® Slide AL are produced using an innovative process developed by SCHOTT to produce a consistent and reproducible coating. All slides are individually examined for physical defects and the presence of particles before and after coating. The density of the aldehyde groups on the coating remain constant over the entire surface of the slides, and has been optimized to provide the optimal binding capacity. The surface hydrophobicity is tightly controlled to optimize the performance with both contact and non-contact printers.

High intra-slide reproducibility of NEXTERION® Slide AL (20 k array of BSA labelled with Atto 547)


Packaging and storage

NEXTERION® Slide AL are packaged in chemically stable plastic boxes and sealed in an inert atmosphere. The slides are ready-to-use from the box, and are stable for 9 months in the sealed packaging when stored at room temperature.

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