Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Nexterion Slide A+ – Aminosilane Coated

  • $349.75

    Cleanroom cleaned and packaged

    Sold in packs of 25 slides

    Laser Barcoding available

    Please inquire for volume pricing

    Slide dimensions:75.6 x 25.0 x 1.0 mm

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Reproducible results
SCHOTT slides are manufactured from a high quality, low intrinsic fluorescence borosilicate glass. The glass slides are cleaned and coated in a class 100, environmentally controlled clean room to ensure contamination and artifact free surfaces. The aminosilane coatings are applied using a unique, and innovative method developed and optimized by SCHOTT, that allows the production of large lot sizes with excellent intra-lot, and inter-lot reproducibility. Each slide lot is tested using both physical and functional quality control checks. The density of the aminosilane groups in the coatings remain uniform over the entire surface of the slides, and is optimized to maximise the DNA binding capacity. The surface hydrophobicity is tightly controlled to optimize the performance with both contact and non-contact microarray printers.

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