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Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics


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    Hybridization solution (1 x concentrated)

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Product Description

NEXTERION® Hyb is a hybridization buffer that has been developed for optimal spot morphology, high signal intensities with reduced non-specific background, and high data reproducibility on NEXTERION® slides. NEXTERION® Hyb is compatible with many different surface chemistries and hybridization methods and may be used with cDNA or oligonucleotide arrays. The reagent is supplied as a ready-to-use 1x concentrated solution. The components in the buffer help to stabilize the hybridization process during extended runs, and also reduce background fluorescence. NEXTERION® Hyb has a low-viscosity, does not contains formamide and is recommended for applications that cannot tolerate formamide, or that require temperatures greater than 60 ºC. NEXTERION® Hyb is available as a 1x concentration in 100 mL packs.

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