Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

NEXTERION® Block E 1,000 mL

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    “Chemical” blocking reagent for epoxysilane coated slides (4 x concentrated)

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Product Description

Highly effective reagent for deactivating epoxy coating after printing
NEXTERION® Block E is a blocking solution optimized for NEXTERION® Slide E. It reacts rapidly with residual epoxy groups in both the printed and unprinted areas of the slide surface and was developed to ensure high signal intensities with reduced non-specific background, thus increasing overall data reproducibility. SCHOTT Microarray Solutions has demonstrated that NEXTERION® Block E is an extremely important component for producing high quality DNA microarrays with very good signal-to-background ratios. NEXTERION® Block E is available as a 4x concentration in 1000 mL bottles

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