Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Nexterion 16-well Coated and Uncoated Slides

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    Cleanroom cleaned and packaged

    Sold in packs of 25 slides

    Epoxysilane, Aminosilane, Aldehydesliane and Uncoated available.

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    Slide dimensions: 75.6 x 25.0 x 1.0 mm
    Manufacturer: Schott

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The special 16-well architecture of NEXTERION® Slide MPX allows the parallel analysis of multiple biological samples against focused subsets of probes on a single slide. The dimensions of the microarray slide are fully compatible with all microarray printers and scanners, allowing users to run multiple samples on a single slide without any additional hardware.

High quality glass substrate
The ultra flat, glass slide is manufactured from low auto-fluorescent borosilicate glass with the dimensions 75.6 mm x 25.0 mm x 1 mm. The uniform flatness of the borosilicate glass ensures highly reproducible contact printing and scanning across the wells. The glass slides are partitioned into 16 wells by an ultra-hydrophobic patterning layer. The dimensions and locations of the wells are fully compatible with standard microarray printing parameters.

Dimensions NEXTERION Slide MPX-16

Dimensions of NEXTERION® Slide MPX-16. All dimensions are given in mm.



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