Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Glass D cleanroom cleaned 25 slides/pack

  • $145.50$160.25

    Automated ultrasonic cleaning line using multiple wash steps of varying pH’s, rinse steps and final drying stage. Class 100 clean room

    SKU: 1095568

    Slide dimensions: 75.6 x 25.0 x 1.0 mm

    Manufacturer: Schott


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NEXTERION® Glass D is a high quality borosilicate glass produced by melting the purest raw materials. It is manufactured by a special down-draw production process that results in fire-polished surfaces that can be used without any additional processing.
The NEXTERION® Glass D production process allows SCHOTT to offer glass substrates with extremely tight geometric properties. In addition, the fluorescence is particularly low in the range of Cy3™ and Cy5™ emission wavelengths (570 nm and 670 nm).


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