Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Manufacturing Processes

Array Manufacturing Processes

AMI’s business includes a wide range of custom capabilities to manufacture multiple unique formats of Point-of-Care devices, as well as standard processes for the production of arrays on glass slides and plates.
Each process has standard QC methods, and particular sampling plans or additional QC methods are implemented as required by customers.

  • DI Water Rinse

    Semiconductor spin-rinse-dry tools


    Plasma Clean

    Compatible with silicon, glass and plastic devices

  • chamberload

    Vapor phase and liquid chemistries

    • Control of density of functional surface groups
    • Various levels of hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity
    • Contact angle QC

  • captureprep
    • Capture Probe Preparation in Tempe, Arizona
    • capture2
    • capture1
    • Full automation capability
    • Precision volume and concentration control
    • Spotting buffers appropriate for maximum attachment
    • Defined storage and thawing procedures
    • Custom travelers for traceability
    • Bar code labeling of plates

  • 3

    Spotting Tool Features

    • Non-contact piezo spotting
    • 136 slides or 128 plates per spotting build
    • Custom fixtures for semiconductor devices
    • Spot volumes from picoliter to microliter range
    • 100% automated optical inspection
    • Intelligent chip feature-finding software for semiconductor devices
  • Multiple chemistries available to stabilize capture probes for extended shelf life, and to minimize non-specific binding on array surfaces.
  • AMI attaches a wide selection of formats of hybridization chambers, optimized for a range of assay chemistries and temperature cycles. Chambers are compatible with the Crocodile and all standard liquid handling systems
    • 923
    • 922

  • Following deposition of capture probes, AMI has a set of capabilities to assemble custom assay chambers. Details of specific chambers are proprietary to our customers and are not shown here.
    • QC1
    • qc2
    • QC3
    • QC4
    • QC5

    QC Incoming Materials

    • Slides
    • Oligos
    • Antibodies
    • Chambers

    Manufacturing QC

    • Probe prep
    • Spotting
    • Post spotting
    • Hyb chamber/cartridge assembly

    Functional QC

    • Proxy assay using standard or customer equipment
    • Data transfer for product release

    • 6
    • 7

    Reagent Kit Production

    • Custom kits to support customer assays
    • Reagent preparation
    • QC for concentration & purity
    • Labeling
    • Packaging

  • 8

    Product Identification

    • Laser-scribed ID, or bar code label, on each slide, microtiter plate or chip
    • Storage in controlled environments
    • Custom traveler for each product and manufacturing lot

    • shipping2
    • shipping


    • Custom moisture & anti-static bags
    • N2 or vacuum seal
    • Customer specific labeling

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