Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics
Microarray solutions for discovery & diagnostics

Array Design & Optimization

Array Design & Optimization Services

AMI brings over 15 years of microarray design and optimization experience to enable a rapid path to optimization of our customers arrays and assays.

The approach is to work very closely with our customers, with Project Management tools, to use the best of theirs and our techniques related to capture probe designs, array layouts and manufacturing parameters (probe concentration, spotting buffers, post-spotting incubations and chemistries etc).

  • Capture Probe Design

    • Oligo Designs
    • Ab Selection
    • Linker Chemistry

    Array Layout

    • Replicates
    • Fiducials
    • Spot pitch

  • Controls Strategies

    • Assay compatibility
    • Spot pitch
    • Replicate Position

    Array Optimization

    • Specificity
    • Sensitivity
    • Cross Reactivity Elimination

SNP Array Design & Assay Optimization Services

AMI is pleased to partner with Primerdesign, a leading company for design of probes and primers for multiple applications and assay formats.

Working together we can provide a full suite of services from probe designs, through assay optimization and volume manufacturing of SNP microarrays.

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